Juror questions during selection process in Minneapolis is like "If uprising occurs as a result…"

I guess I must miss it.  Haven't been selected for jury duty in a couple years now.  Seems like staying away from the voting polls really does work.  Got out of bed an hour earlier today thanks to daylight savings time.  When I shower, I'll sometimes find a radio station on my phone to listen to, usually KGO, but recently I found a news/talk station out of Minneapolis because of the upcoming trial.  I'm using Radio Garden app for that.  … and that's where Stephanie Miller disappeared to…

Another good source for news is youtube.  This morning I stumbled onto a live broadcast of the George Floyd trial's jury selection.  Welcome to the dark side.  I've succeeded to nip my spending spree on on-demand content by convincing myself to ignore the little stars ratings system as it's bogus to my taste in determining which movies I'm going to enjoy.  What really helps to narrow down my movie tastes is limiting consideration to R rated flicks, adventures, comedies, nothing glamorizing cops, and preferably something that might have a cool music score.  But I've gotta say, the Three Stooges was hella funny.


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