#hotpinkuniformreform let's make it happen—a sign of the times merits drastic measure to mark change

MUGSHOT 4137420
MUGSHOT 4137420

Judge Peter Cahill is presiding over the court case against a Minneapolis cop accused of carelessly handling the arrest of an innocent American citizen which resulted in the suspect's murder.  MURDER?  Why not? after all, upon review of bystander video, it is obvious that 1) the suspect pleaded for air by alerting a gang of officers restraining him that he was on the cusp of blacking out, never to awaken again for lack of air to his lungs.  2) Police reports from all officers involved blatantly reveal a conspiracy of domestic terrorism inherent in diachronic practices harboring fraud redacted by peace officers and their supervisors/collaborating agencies.

Upon hearing the impetuous win for the prosecution as the added murder charge is reinstated against Derek Chauvin,  the raw fetor enveloped in the image of the snuffed out bad cop's photo taints the image all cops must suffer now.  Because a uniform, besides the obvious meaning of regalia, doubles as a term used to describe a soldier-like temperament, all members of law enforcement can expect scrutiny as consequence for one bad cop's wrongful deed.  I don't enjoy listening to groveling cops either who try to prove their own case as honest, respectful, helpful peace officers.  Men in blue was good while it lasted; easier on the eyes.  Maybe that was the norm back when peace officers were selecting a color representive their cause, but times have changed.  Since then, females have been allowed to wear badges.  People with non-blue eyes have made a career as police officers.  Let me understand where the call to defund the police stems from if not from a stance against idealism that analogizes the country's banner of a field of blue embellished with shiny bright stars.  This IMO can no longer be true.  In good conscience, a field of blue with sparkly stars cannot anymore be compared to the job of a peace officer.  Today, if law enforcement truly share the same views of legislators, uniforms for a demoralizing department would best reflect the red and white portion of the banner, meshed and blended to a hot pink hue if only to be able to detect when a cop is involved in a scuffle.

It was one of the orange man's famous last words before he got himself ousted and vacated from office.  And the tonality of his voice when he used the term 'men in blue' to appeal to the American people was so sad.  So very, very sad.


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