Here I am watching a new writing comm to get a feel of it’s activity

Community: ci5_boxoftricks (red. Light. District version) just
Community: ci5_boxoftricks (red. Light. District version) just

Sitting here enjoying another rain storm. Probably gonna be the last one of the season. I took a day off from work today.

Found that book that had passed thru my fingers without jotting any info on it. And the proportion of the book, typical fiction size like a Cussler novel or Patterson novel, had me combing the stacks.

There I was, browsing the bookshelves. Something people haven’t been able to do since March of 2020. I kept pulling out books just far enough to catch a glance at the cover at. Judging. Thank God I started backwards in the alphabet. I think I started my search at Steinbeck or Anne Rice.

Apparently Penman has written a bundle of books in a series on historic fiction. Middle Ages. The one I’m reading now is set in the 1100s or so.

My local ice cream stop
My local ice cream stop

Here at the museum where I sleep, to the north is an outpatient facility for people with mental disabilities, to the south is the park, fast food and bar establishments, among other bizzes (<— that’s plural for biz), the East is Dodger stadium and more parks. West. This is my favorite. Many residential streets to the west, but maybe 2 miles into that direction, Hollywood. West is my favorite direction from the point of the cave where I live because of the council district. It’s the same council district belonging to major film and TV studios.

I don’t think I’ll ever get an opportunity to figure out how a Bird scooter works, or is it Lyft? The hilly path I take west to Hlwd would surely render an electric powered scooter useless. I’m talking steep mofoing hills, and I’m not getting any younger. I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to make that walk to Tiki-ti. That one time, on my in-line skates commuting to and fro werk; the fall I took made my knee absorb most of the impact and it is showing some wear. I feel it as a dull pain, and that’s from just walking normal (if there is such a thing.)

The 7-11 is something doable, like in the dead of night when I wake up with the munchies. Something to look fwd to this summer, I guess. Sleepwalking to the 7-11. Can’t wait.

They’ll be ordering people to adjust their clocks soon. We’ll be ‘springing’ forward as they say , REGARDLESS that the proposition bill that was put to a vote several years ago resulted in a decision to stop daylight savings time here in Los Angeles. Guess that tells you something about the voting system. I don’t want to lose an hour of sleep gagnemmit. Maybe the orange man was right. Maybe there is a problem with voter fraud in this country.



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