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stage 4 of organizing outlines with index cards (i think. lost track. don't know what I'm doing)

  1. Everybody is trying to contribute to MC's demise so much, he DIES SIDEWAYS.  THE TEMPORARY INSANITY PLEAD, involving augury misguidance, has undertones of card 5 – escaping menopause. Mollie the figment of imagination
  2. PANEL-INSIDE-A-PANEL The confused FLY tries to make sense of why MC doesn't just forget about her and move on with his life, which is depicted by the multiple panel scenes showing live action flashbacks and whatever, revealing the dark side of MC. His abject determination to clear his conscious has him dangling like a puppet on a string.  He withdraws into himself masking his anger, sadness and feeling from everyone.  How could he explain loving somebody for 30 years without even knowing them.  For that matter, how could he explain the ongoing animosity over his abandonment issues.  And lastly, how does he win her back so he could give her a dose of her own medicine and refuse her her visions of a happy ending by locking her up in a virtual dungeon.  Mollie's transformation into a typewriter
  1. Tit for tat sex favors.  The desire to please and bring pleasure to your partner can sometimes mimic sexual favors.  A fellatio for a cunnilingus.  A toe sucked here, a toe sucked there.  A nipple licked here, another licked there.  When two people dry hump, how does the other partner return that favor? Depends on who's doing the returning.  For instance, a teenage girl fuming about her own heart being broken by her latest love interest decides to take out her anger on the next guy that comes along.  She'll play hard to get so well, she'll never have intercourse with him.   The difference is that the broken hearted girl allowed dry humping as the catalyst while she explored new relationships.  Her no intercourse rule empowers her new love interest to either play her game until she gives in, or piss off and find somebody who puts out.  This is the heartbroken girl's only recourse in finding a replacement to fill the hole in her heart.  It's the reason she undergoes breast augmentation.  Cosmetic surgery
  2. The smiley face on the pavement, in the shape of a SMILEY FACE, is painted with blood.  FLIES are always apt TO LAY their EGGS on a rotting corpse, but where is the corpse?  The BLOOD is just confusing the FLIES.  Seeing as flies are everywhere, they've seen everything.  So what do flies think of when they're going about their day? they think of CARION and the WARM BLOODED CREATURES wandering around, waiting for them to drop dead and die.  THE PILOTS flying the helicopters comprise the calm anticipation of a fly prepared for anything such as when a helicopter suddenly malfunctions and crashes.  Their confused COMPOUND CROSS-EYED EYES only portray EVIL SCENARIOS of violence and danger like a corrupt society where pink uniformed cops herd citizens in a holocaust that justifies their authority to kill on a whim's notice.  Different viewpoints by multipanel scenes
  3. Lana Zak: "It appears that the evil automobile…" escaping menopause
  5. police radio squabble in background confirms the hot pink uniforms belong to law enforcement.  Elle, no longer working for TV4 finds a new gig where she has access to the feed from some of the drones in the area and notices the smiley face.  As she listens to the police scanner thru her headphones, she uses the bits of intel coming thru as police code to comprise up to the minute narration in a family friendly news report.
  6. The borders around the multi-panel scenes from the DRONE feeds are emphasized as swastikas.  ELLE fears that she may be discovered.  APRIL DEUCE cross hair ogglers… In other words, the pieces being put together reveal characteristics of MC that only ELLE could possibly know.
  7. MC borrows editor's computer to hack into ELLE's ipad.  This is how he learns the truth about himself which was kept secret from him by his parents.  Elle was doing her own tit-for-tat returning of favors by spying on MC the way he had spied on her before they'd met in high school.  If he had just grown up long enough to meet and talk with her, he would've realized this.
  8. rom BIER, a name referring to a beverage (IN GERMAN), to a word now used as a term for MC's DEAD END.  About to be BURIED (A BIER at A FUNERAL PARLOR.)  Dragonflies at the funeral, or spanish eyes


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