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First a word from sponsors: Is Kyle Rittenhouse CPAC 2021's Keynote Speaker? The suggestion that Rittenhouse is scheduled to speak at CPAC this year is nothing more than a joke from Griffin Goto Website

Upon taking a few steps backward to view the pinboard of #tmtwngm index cards, I notice that I still have the tape dividers portioning the areas for ACT I, II & III.  However, the technique I'm following right now is meant to arrange ten cards for each act, ACT I, II, IIA & III.  All together, that's 4 sections.  Fortunately, back when I was following a 3-act structure method, I reserved more space on the cork board for act two because it was obvious that act two might need more index cards seeing that it comprised 81% of the manuscript as a whole.  What I mean is, if act 1 averages 1-10 pages, and act 3 averages about the same amount of pages as act 1, then a full length feature film is going to include roughly 90 pages for act 2.

My favorite fast food burger joint installation nearby my nemesis Patra's

My favorite fast food burger joint installation nearby my nemesis Patra's

Why lie. Whirl of lies. 'flies.

Remember when...
After 911 the government was telling American citizens to go out and do the things they regularly did, attempting to dissolve any fears of subsequent terrorist attacks.  The problem is that they were also telling Americans that the twin towers had collapsed as a result of an airplane and the jet fuel that melted the towers in a controlled demolition style, something people have been contesting with conspiracy theories emphasizing the inability for an airborne contraption to collide, as it did in the 9-11 videos, without parts, gears, luggage, passengers, etc. spilling to the ground (not penetrating the walls.)  Then, law enforcement officers/chiefs were being caught on cell phone cameras going around killing innocent people and submitting false reports.  And now, the government tells Americans to quarantine, wear face masks, and stay at home. Talk about herding sheep, is this the way a free government wants to force citizens into getting booster shots for a pandemic people are calling bullshit on and juxtaposing with a trending pattern.

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