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The hot pink uniform reform idea

I already managed to established the idea of adolescents giving their school project a personal touch by promoting it with a controversial campaign slogan (though unofficial). Because most adolescent student have yet to be exposed to the ugly hatred in the world (besides getting spit on or beaten up for lunch money, bullied) they can be inconsiderate in referring to the ongoing school project to educate fellow piers on the subject of safe sex as Nazi Youth Hunters (NYH for short). It's mostly an inside joke for the class clown personality, however, and it might be worth conjuring up scenes in which conflict is created when a student, unaware that his friend is jewish, refers to it. It is in this vein that I also plan to set up the concept of ALL law enforcement officers wearing hot pink uniforms. Including the ROTC, but not relevant as during high school scenes, we may see one or two ROTC in the background wearing their uniforms.

which one of these index cards will this 6° of… whomever be used as descriptive narrative?which one of these index cards will this 6° of… whomever be used as descriptive narrative?

None of my current index cards for the outline with index cards PROMPT include the hot pink uniforms, so… I dunno. Is this gonna be something to include for Act 2-1/2 where the B-Story comes into the picture? We'll see. Stay tuned. I suppose I could keep a mental note making it a habit of writing all public street scenes with the condition that if a law enforcement officer finds his way onto the set (within view of the camera), he would be dressed in HOT PINK. I may be finding myself drawing storyboards that depict the uniform itself. SALMON shirt, hot pink slacks, black shoes, hot pink tie, or SALMON tie, hot pink slacks and shirt, black shoes. Dunno yet.

Today I replied to a FB screenwriting group entry from Kendra Johnson-Chitman who posed the question of starting an interest group for brainstorming. Of course I plugged the #tmtwngm lj community, but I would still like to plead with all my readers/writers to visit The movie that will never get made community and start posting whatever nonsensical brainstorming ideas for your own screenwriting project. We are a friendly group willing to share our ideas for you to consider for your movie.
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