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Prompt - working with index cards

No matter how bad these first 40 cards may be, the show must go on.
Your challenge is to create ten cards for each act. Act 1, Act 2, Act
2-½, and Act 3. Total=40 index cards.

And I’m only looking for the index cards titles, not the description.
At least not yet. I just want something I can pin up to the wall.
Filling the content of the cards will follow.
WARNING! the first ten are the easiest. I drew up a map that I’m
calling brainstorming #tmtwngm as I’m reusing bits and pieces from my
last failed projects (#highschool, #dialog, #typewriter,
#screenwriting, and #outlines )

Come to think of it, I believe this is what I was trying to do when I
began writing a few scenes where dialog is completely interrupted by
background noise of extra characters conversing, talking, phoning,
going about their business in which everything is quite relevant. In
other words, things happen for a reason. Even though it’s context
spoken in the background, if you miss it, bettr watch the movie again
kind-of-thing. This manner of thinking may have something to do with
trying to conceptualize emulating what it must be like seeing thru the
eyes of an insect and how compound eyes can be interpreted as multiple
VIP images (am I saying that right? when one creates a pop-up screen
within a TV screen so they can watch the news AND their favorite
sports event at the same time.) My brain was getting fried trying to
pull off a movie in which multiple scenes are taking place
simultaneously but you can’t really make out what’s going on because
there’s more boxed scenes than the Brady Bunch opening credits

Whew! what a relief. Now I can just pretend I’m the catalyst every
time I step back to see the cork board and how things are flowing.

Tags: #dialog, #highschool, #outlines, #screenwriting, #tmtwngm, #typewriter

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