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oopsie-daisy (I think I broke something)

It's just as well.  My stylesheet was getting on my nerves.  I'm going to leave the tweaking alone for awhile and just carry on with this new look.  I think this layer is called Newspaper by Yoksel.

Alternative route to my 30 minute treadmill workout

Alternative route to my 30 minute treadmill workout

From the ashes of the Phoenix, new age architecture

From the ashes of the Phoenix, new age architecture

Here is the lj response to my What's the extension Telegram Channel used for?  It comes from the ChickenTikka cluster

Thank you for inquiry and I apologize for a delay with the reply.  This page has an option to connect a Telegram channel (please note the spelling). Telegram is an instant messaging software and application service ( If you input your channel in this setting, the channel will be linked at the bottom of each of your entry (currently only for old editor entries).

I haven't seen anything related to Telegram in my posts.  I'm constantly using the old post editor (not this time tho) and I get nothing.  I'll keep my eyes peeled now that I have this new theme layer.  My only explanation for the lack of the Telegram link is that the Tranquility II theme I was using was tweaked to death so much so that nothing worked properly.

Another question I submitted regarding double spacing after a sentence was also expressly denied, but since I'm happy with the new theme layer, I could care less.  Here's their reply.

Thank you for inquiry and I apologize for a delay with the reply. Unfortunately, the entry was rejected because it was not relevant to the community theme. If you have found a bug in LiveJournal functionality, please report it via the support form at Regards, LiveJournal Community Care

I've discovered an alternative to treadmill, half-hour workouts.  My half-hour treadmill workout, which is basically me only walking at a pace that covers 1–1/2 miles, is a trip to the post office to pay my bills.  From there I stop by the 7/11 to buy candy, ice cream, etc.  This short walk is probably not close to being one mile, but it takes more than 30 minutes.  During today's workout, my Periscope app alerted me that Band Car was broadcasting another episode.  So there I was, phone in hand ready to take photos of cops out of uniform, Band Car playing in the background as I didn't think to bring earbuds on my workout/post–office run.

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