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Bier de Stone


I don't know about you, but it's just too coincidental when I decided
to go to lunch at the same time the law enforcement officers out of
uniform decided to stand in front of the fast food joint I was eating
at that day.

Oddly enough, how unusual can things become when there's two out of uniform cops IN FRONT of the same restaurant I'm eating at too.  when i think about it, it's like being enroiled in molten yellow caution tape, like in a spiderweb of 21st c. biological spiderman web-making machine, at the flick of one's wrist.  A mummified walking mummy rolled up in bright yellow caution tape. 

plus there's that other thing.
alien beings from outer space
time travel
that reference in a subsequent entry calling entry 888008 out as comparison.--i deleted it. cool number tho
Tags: bſ, time travel

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