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Not a much fun updating lj unless I'm using a new API to do so

perfect day for a fishy lunch
waking tottler

What I mean is, there’s so much to learn about blog technology and I don’t always feel like I’m in my element because so many fellow bloggers are a young demographic. Usually students killing time by updating in between breaks for their piers who can keep tabs on goings on and status quo. I haven’t been a student in years. Not in the normal sense.

I learn things everyday thru books. I’m also a fan of lynda dot com where I continuously try and figure out xml programming. It’s a mystery to me, so when I learn something new about server technology, I’m anxious to try it out. For instance, updating my blog by posting via an app called Telegram.

Although irrelevant to the subject of PHP and MySQL which my topic of interest these days, Telegram is like the equivalent of a break in between lessons where I can compose rants and opinions on the fly while I recharge my brain. Lately, I’ve been playing around with using my SMS app on my smart phone but the result is unsatisfying. Previous to that, I had played around with emailing my updates, but my objective for doing so was mainly two things: In those days, lj’s mobile app sucked as the composition window was challenging to use for scrolling up and down the window for editing text purposes. Also, I had devised a system in which I could refer to a cheatsheet for customizing the default settings like which Scrapbook folder to use for pix attachments, what size, orientation, etc. A draft email which I kept in the imap system with references to all my customization options Available wouldn’t stay put. Either because it would get erased as a result of using the draft copy itself for the lj update, or it just became too cumbersome to copy and paste the lj-header overrides from the draft to the genuine email file on the phone.

Where Telegram is concerned, using channels to store my header options, image options, security options seems more friendly for cell phone manipulation. Of course, the catch is composing text. But I can compose from a laptop using an app that saves to the cloud, then access that text from the phone for copy/paste purposes. This, IMO, beats using miscellaneous apps to compose my posts, then exporting them into pdf format, then opening the pdf file in an image viewer and exporting again from the image viewer that allows exporting to an image file format like .png, .gif, .jpg.

As far as the pix I’m blogging about today, the homeless guy is my favorite. It reminds me of my high school sweethearts daughter double, whom btw I refer to as family because of her resemblance to SHE, her age range to SHE’s daughter, and a few other characteristics that fit the bill. I don’t know how or why, but the recluse daughter somehow found herself in a situation where she pushes around a baby stroller filled with her belongings of blankets, plastic cartons, nibbles, etc. Everything typical of the belongings of a homeless woman. She would frequent the neighborhood of my place of biz. And yes, if it really happens to be true that she is indeed family, I would be at a loss for words. My vivid imagination can get carried away while I live in my own world that I use to stay in character for the screenwriting projects I do. I hope no harm is done by these accusations as I make every effort to keep names private and anonymous for tmtwngm project.

It was overcast yesterday, like God’s eyes were welling up to cry. Whenever there’s rain in the forecast, it’s my queue to seek out fishy lunches. I rarely brownbag my lunch. Especially these days where the pandemic has me isolated from my co-workers in every respect. The breakroom cannot be occupied by more than one person at a time, making taking breaks awkward as heating food in the microwave, or accessing the refrigerator can be difficult.

I’m just happy if I can switch out my ear hanger face mask with a bandana for 15 minutes to alleviate some pressure off my ears. A candy bar, pastry, hot chocolate or a single taco with water is all I eat. It's enough to pop a painkiller after my meal to reduce arthritis pain, sciatica pain, or whatever it is that causes pain in my lower back and legs. I can’t wait until the day a person can legitimately smoke a doobie during a 15 minute break. This marijuana frame of mind I have is a catalyst for the #hotpinkuniformreform project. I will not sign off to a completed film script unless all of the law enforcement officers depicted in the film all wear hot pink uniforms. It’s the right thing to do. Just look at what’s going on with the impeachment trials. Everytime I see video footage of the rioters breaking into the Capital in Washington DC in which smoke is seeping out of the windows and doors, I can’t help image a group of smokers exiting the building where giant, cigar size joints were being passed around. Freedom at last!

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