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Message too large. 3rd attempt. Ta-dah!

Gonna try to get to bed early tonight. Planning on dozing off to sleep while trying to read a few chapters from the multitude of books I have lined up to read.
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So It seems my plan is coming to fruition. I copied the advanced option features that can be used when updating lj thru an e-mail app. I have it saved in a Telegram channel. You know, this all came up when I searched and search for information on how Telegram channels can be used with lj. There is no info on that, and my conclusion is that Telegram is prehistoric (as well as XMPP technology), so it makes no sense for the lj wizards to spend any time incorporating the servers for it's own API. It is more troublesome to use Telegram to post rather than using SMS, but I don't like that red line I cannot figure out how to nip in the bud. Using an eMail app to send an update is even easier than using Telegram, but I remember trying to make it work for me and keeping the advanced options handy so I can refer to them (cheatsheet) was near impossible. I tried creating draft emails that I could save on the server so whenever I wanted to refer to the cheatsheet, it was simply a matter of opening up one of the drafts and editing my options. What happened there was I would use the draft eMail itself, instead of copying and pasting the cheatsheet info onto the eMail I was composing to update my blog. I'm hoping that with Telegram, the channel with the cheatsheet information on it won't be lost. It's going to take some getting use to. I may be playing around with uploading more blasé photos if only to remember that 5Mb is the limit for sending eMail attachments.
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