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Just like fast food chains don't do outdoor eating with unused vast parking space, #hpur is a falacy

macdonalds during quarentine
Quarentine parking lots

It's raining now.  We don't get much rain here, so I'm not use to it.  I rely on the sun when I dry my laundry and rain just ruins my whole laundry day.

When it rains and I get hungry, the first thing on my mind is fish.  I conjured up a story about how water evaporates and how when it rains, the buckets of water that pour down on us at one time was floating directly above us in the form of a cloud.  So, if so much water can be sustained mid-air, why can't fish float too? Right? So the story goes one day, blah blah blah, fish gets bored, blah blah, etc.  One day the fish notices that the water evaporates and the fish decided to follow it.  So the fish floats up into the clouds, then, when it rains, it plops back down to earth in a Fillet-o-fish sandwich meal which I like to call fish 'n chips with a side of bread and an orange Fanta to wash it all down.

It really is the only good thing Mickey D's has to offer.  These days, MacDonals seems to only cater to customers with automobiles who can place their order via the drive thru.  It figures, doesn't it? How many people take their lunch break at MacDonals and find themselves standing in a chaotic line with multiple cash registers, but no real line.  A person could stand there all day, blend in with the peeps who've already ordered and await their food, and still not place an order because there is no real customer service when standing in line at MacDonals.  So why should they go out of their way to welcome walk-ins? Those double arches they cradle so dear was for people on the go, in their fast cars hungry for a quick fix.

And speaking of, since most of MacDonalds take-out orders are from the drive thru, nobody is using their parking lot.  Most other restaurants, during quarantine, are catering to customers eager to eat outdoors (on the sidewalk).  You know those restaurants wish they had a parking lot the size of MacDonalds'.  Of course Mickey D's isn't going to set up outdoors eating for their customers.  The only reason they went out of their way to build jungle gyms for the children to play in is because kids have been such a pain in their ass, it's the only way they could figure to get them out of the way.  Out of site, out of mind.

I had to take a picture of the locked front door to MacDonalds to share the warmth.  Fish 'n chips.  The bread is complimentary.𓅱

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