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What would happen when the captions of an original comic strip were inked in Times New Roman? Upon reviewing some old tags in the blog, I stumbled onto an old entry with a picture I drew. It wasn’t very good, but it’s nice to go back in time to see how I’ve changed my drawing style. Back then, for captions, instead of using that ol’ comic strip printing style that architects use all the time, I was inking my captions with a calligraphy pen and using Roman type.
Pat Oliphant and Roman lettering went hand–in–hand
How would the panels play out if I was to develop the concept of using serif-font style as captions from inception to completion? When I brainstorm a new idea for a comic strip, I doodle with my left hand. At this stage of my process, I am completely at a loss for ideas. I feel, because of the ol’ psychological adage that the thinking brain is allocated in the left side of the brain, and the imaginative brain is on the right, that using my left hand — considering that scientists have declared that the left extremities are controlled by the right side of the brain and vice–a–versa — stimulates the ideas directly from the brain that is controlling my hand. No middle man.
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