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It's no secret that the decline of livejournal resulted in social media platforms.  I never left because A) I still don't understand xml and B) I have a permanent account.  The peeps who have moved onto better horizons while still remaining true to the blogging forums are still around, but they're using servers like dreamwidth, deadjournal, blogspot, and wordpress.  Now I may be over thinking this, but I believe all those blogging services are swarming with screenwriting hobbyists like me.  Lord knows livejournal's screenwriting communities have plonked into oblivion.  Maybe I just need somebody to tell me "your blog sucks! get over it."  But I plan to find those people from different platforms and introduce them to real interactive screenwriting blogs some day.

In the meantime, I did stumble onto blogs I haven't visited for awhile which were in my bookmarks and I thought I'd share one with you.

Obscure Camera

Here are the links to the two-part video series about the pinhole camera process
Goto Website

(11) Typewriter Video Series - YouTube

Joe's Typewriter Video Series is all about manual (and sometimes electric) typewriters, their care and feeding. Enjoy and learn!
Goto Website

This guy Joe Van Cleave truly sparks inspiration in photography that makes me want to go to my local craft store and build the pin-hole cameras he's invented.

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