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Money monster

Books to quell 2020

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Way back in 2016 — which was a good year btw if only because 2015 had ended and pretty much any year after Jeff Hanneman passed away was crud — George Clooney and Julia Roberts took part in Money monster. This film only received 59% on the rotten tomato meter, but with everything that's going on with 2020, I felt it fit right in with the times. I liked it because it reminded me of some of the current events taking place. Every time I tune in to watch the news, all I hear is Covid this and vaccine that. My interests lie in things like the hacking of the Department of Energy and the Kenosha kid's crucifixion.

In this movie, the anti-hero is not the main character. Clooney took that role, and Julia Roberts a supporting role. The anti-hero is named Kyle, just like today's savior of the world, the Kenosha kid. And the plot revolves around a who-done-it hacking conspiracy over millions of dollars that mysteriously disappear. The movie contains a little bit of everything that we've all been watching in the media this year: the knockleheaded brutality of law enforcement, the senseless violence against innocent people, the insider's view of media corruption, and of course the intrusion of defense computers in the USA. The thing I took to heart was the media's utilization of communication technology in an effort to hinder the obstruction of what director Jodie Foster depicts as a keystone cops impasse.

Julia Roberts commanded the situation where authority figures, taking control of a hostile environment as a crazed gunman enters a TV studio and takes hostage the network broadcast of a money market news segment, uses her expertise in the role of a seasoned director to expose the president of Ibis Corporation, Walt Camby. If you have no plans for New Years' Eve, as most people probably don't anyway, Money Monster may help put things into perspective over the way the status quo in America could have gotten out of control. In the next 30 days before the inauguration of the Prez elect, I'm sure we're all anxious to see how the current Prez manages to pull off a mandate for Martial law. It's not like the new published books are going to hold our interests long enough to focus on reading while we bide our time in quarentine.
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