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Years ago I use to review movies I liked on here.

Years ago I use to write reviews.  I would only review productions/publications for things I enjoyed screening/listening to and reading.  It was fun while it lasted, but finding the right book, the right movie, the right EP wasn't so easy, and bashing stuff, like when I bash Justin Bieber and Steven Spielberg, wasn't so much fun.  Trying to recommend stuff for other people to consider was my objective.  One day I had bashed a movie which somebody completely disagreed with and opened my eyes as to how wrong I was, so I may be wrong to recommend the stuff I like too although I have yet to be corrected about my taste (for instance Dirty dancing.)  Sometime between 2000 and maybe 2014, I had vaguely recalled a movie trailer I had seen depicting the life of Eva Braun.  I've searched high and low on imdb for anything relating to her. I believe my fascination with her may have been inspired from listening to SLAYER.  Aside from their signature speed metal style, many of their songs relate to serial killers and Nazism.  Naturally, it's only a matter of time before some of that stuff starts to influence a person, but I'm no masochist.  I've been told I'm a hater.  Maybe I am.  But I certainly am not stupid enough to go around killing people for pleasure.  I'm only searching for the great American love story and if it happens that that love story is best told thru the eyes of a rampaging psycho killer, I want to know about it.

Ava is about the closest movie I've come to finding a movie about such things [Braun].  It isn't epic.  There is a brief scene in the film that makes a feeble effort to explain how a person like Ava might become the monster she is, but the movie is mostly action and the explanation doesn't do her backstory justice.  There's a lot of strange things going on in the world right now.  Some people are attributing these crazy times to the alignment of the planets.  If you look up in the sky at night these days, you'll find about every planet there is to see in our solar system.  Rare indeed, to see all the planets in the solar system in the sky at the same time.  Makes a person wonder about the birth babies that are born during these times.  What might their natal charts look like and how might they be interpreted?  So unless I find that great novel (The chymical wedding), or movie (Dirty dancing), or EP (SLAYER), I'll be writing my own version of cartoons, screenplays, music that describe such an eternal love.  I wonder if it's even possible for it to exist as the older I get, the more I feel that the earth belongs to the dolphins, the birds, whales and as a result, the only real love story to be conscious of is that which such creatures experience.  For human love… well, ehh.
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