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Here’s my Covid 19 concept of how the pandemic is being spread via infected cars

Mobile spreading

Here's some eye candy I haven't produced in a long time. This concept drawing has been in my head for a long time because I just can't bring myself to justify cop scenes realistically in which the uniform reform has law enforcement sporting hot pink slacks, shirts, hats. I would like to extend my thanks to fffungirl creator Elizabeth Pich for making doodling easy by not focusing so hard on facial expressions. She is truly a genius.

I know some of you are probably in a quandary as to what the fuck I'm talking about; what with hot pink uniform reform, what scenes⁈ and where do you link Covid 19 to police uniforms. Well, I'm sure the politically correct individual will have zero patience to hear me out, but for those of you who keep an open mind, try swallowing this. Back before the pandemic occurred, the media was exposing captured footage of the brutality in which policemen conduct themselves toward their fellow citizens. Helter skelter cold blooded murder is what I like to call it. Because it is difficult for me to swallow the way this country's government sweeps things under the carpet by overlooking not only the senseless homicidal reactions of the police, but the lies they tell when they fill out their "police reports", I've taken steps to foresee what repercussions my country is in for if these practices aren't resolved (preferably with hot pink uniforms.)

You see, my beef is with the downgrading of the term uniform. Uniform means all for one. And one for all, I suppose, but mainly that the police behind in one, single uniform manner. Therefore, the fact that it is a majority of African Americans who sparked the viral hashtag #blm, it has become obvious to me that the freedom of citizens with a history of slavery is not yet accepted by all countrymen, particularly those who are in power. And if that's the case, then what are we in store for when the LGBTQIA community realize that their rights which have recently been granted are not equally observed by everybody? Already, we have begun to see the backlash of the female population react by condemning celebrity status entertainers with rape accusations.

And people wonder how and why nine-eleven happened…

That's it. That's how I am juxtaposing this doodle about the spread of a pandemic via automobile. I know the my point isn't 100% clear and in need of explanation but for what it's worth, think of a car who's contents reeks of Covid. The driver/passengers of the vehicle are immune to the disease and so they can be exposed without risk. When the passenger door is slammed shut, the air inside the car violently sprays outward contaminating any passersby within six feet. That's why it's important to wear a mask while walking on the sidewalk, btw.

Does anybody remember when HIV was the scariest disease being transmitted? It seems all these conflicts began to happen when the police were being exposed as murderers by the media. Soon after, Harvey Weinstein was prosecuted for rape, then Covid 19 became a thing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if this pandemic really is a conspiracy, much the same way as some people might attribute the conspiracy of rape accusations to feminism, and BLM to racism, then why not make the same assumptions of Covid 19 as something only the LGBTQIA community could conjure up.
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