Two different moon exposure

Looks like my prayers were answered. While I don't have access to a wealth of film footage to dig up photographs of the moon used in film, I did find a good photo from a documentary on ancient aliens*. It's obvious that the photo/film footage is from a camera probably used in the 70's. Maybe even 60's but the documentary was released in 2018. It uses film clips from different eras to composite a full analyses by science experts explaining their theory on how the various mysteries of the world were built.

I have to point out the obvious. After all why else do you think I would have wanted to track down old film footage with analog moon exposure on film. As you may already know about me, when I look at the moon, I see the head of JFK like on the silver dollar, or half dollar?

The moon on the left still has the shadows and borders outlining what I've interpreted as the head, the eyes, the part on the side of his head where his hair is combed. The moon on the left seems distorted. It isn't as round as the other moon. I don't know if that's something to do with the camera used or whether the stage of the moon at the time of photo was not 100% full. The head representing the profile of JFK is shifted further to the left too, unlike the other moon.

Here's the thing. The sharper photo of the moon not only seems to maintain the head of John F Kennedy, the way I see it on a silver half dollar, but now I also see a skull behind it. Like the grim reaper giving JFK a kiss. Is that weird?

*It came from beyond: ancient mysteries & astronauts


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