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Online recipes printed with manual typewriters

Yummly app recipe

Yummly app recipe

Have you noticed how some online recipes that claim to offer printer friendly version tend to print with such tiny instructions, one needs to resort to digging up a magnifying glass to read it.  Then there's other recipes that require downloading an app in order to read their instructions.

I recently took my typewriter in for an overhaul as it was busted and in need of a $70 dollar part the size of a needle.  What I've noticed about the machine since I've been scarcely using it, is that the ink ribbon that was installed is much more saturated in ink than the online ink ribbons I've purchased in the past.  This recipe for butternut squash is probably one of the major typing jobs I've utilized my trusty old manual typewriter.  I've been using it for addressing envelopes only since I've gotten it back.  Still can't bring myself to creatively hashing out a scene or two for the #tmtwngm project. 

I think I'll take photos when I get around to making this dish and come back here and upload the pictures.  That's one of the things that I find helpful in following recipe instructions.  And anyone taking an interest in my printed version of this recipe might be puzzled in the way it describes cutting the squash.  In fact, anybody using this printed version may completely lose it when they try and figure out what the fuck Mildred the iguana has to do with the recipe.

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