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Bier de Stone

Anybody know what I did to make the new lj editor recognize my dbl spacing after a period when I typ

The new editor on lj does something special for me and I don't remember if I deliberately tweaked lj somewhere (like in global edits or something) so that whenever I double space after a sentence, lj uses code to bypass how html recognizes double spacing and preserves my original keystrokes.  While slightly off topic, firefox browser acts funny on my MacBook in that the godaddy domain name I purchased for my lj blog doesn't load my page.  Instead it loads www dot livejournal dot com.  None of my other browsers behave this way.

So back to topic.  I have a permanent acct which means I'm allowed to alter the stylesheets I use, as well as the theme layers.  I've search in both places for how and why the new editor doesn't just remove the extra blank space after a period the way html is programmed to do, but I can't find anything.  It would be great if livejournal heard my bitching and ranting in the past of how disgruntled I was that double spacing was completely disregarded while using a monospace font.  It seems there still lies some romanticism in me as I dwell over preserving the writing rules applied when formatting a type written page on a vintage manual/electric typewriter utilizing monospace lettering (fonts).  Some people believe double spacing after a period is something of the past and should not be done anymore.  But I ranted my own argument in its defense and when a monospace/fixed-width font is used, I believe double spacing after a period should still be practiced.

Wouldn't it be great if livejournal heard me and did something about it.  That would be something for my résumé, I think.

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