Leaning tree

Way back in my youth when the only house chores I was expected to do was helping out Dad with the garden work, a small banzai version of these leaning trees grew by the front door. For some reason I dug it up.

I was constantly doing stupid shit like that, but I don't mean I was constantly digging up plants and killing them; just constantly doing stupid shit in general. Fuck.

I miss that ol' shrub and I'm sorry, now, that I killed it. It's been years that I've been thinking of growing it back, but that plot of earth is claimed by some other variety of vegetation. And who really cares since I don't live there anymore. But I would like to successfully germinate some of the seed pods these leaning trees drop. I have a small bare spot of earth adjacent to my front door where I use to grow pumpkin patches. I can't wait for spring. Hopefully 2021 will be a relief from the bullshit 2020 spewed out at everyone.

I guess I'm getting ahead of myself in thinking so hard about what my New Year's resolution will be, but god damnit, by the time NYE comes around and peeps be asking me what my New Year's resolution is, no doubt I'll forget all this. So, I find that writing my thoughts down on lj helps me remember stuff. And besides, it takes quite a bit of planning to figure out what exactly needs to be done -- to get the various seed pods which I'm planning on growing next spring require. I have one pod from a gardenia? (rather some tree that blooms flowers) which btw I successfully grew several years ago and I think I had to chill it for a few days in the fridge to stimulate growth. Otherwise, some seeds just don't take. I'm still puzzled why the black eyed Susans never sprouted. But I don't mind. I had great success with the Spanish Eyes variety of the latter and I think those Soanish Eyes vine flowers are prettier.


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