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Los Angeles wins a World Series

road to Dodge Stadium
Took this picture because the congestion was frightening. I knew there was COVID testing at the Stadium but I never thought the traffic was so bad. The Sunset Blvd. entrance to the Stadium parking lot never indicated that traffic was bumper to bumper.
I tried to shoot the portable street sign which reads COVID testing but I guess because it's digital, and my camera wasn't set to 'live' exposures, I got the equivalent of shooting propellers from helicopters or planes. I might take a morning walk up to this entrance which isn't outrageously far from home just to try another exposure (with the camera settings set to "live".)
Not sure if I'm being clear, but iOS phones have a feature that allows the camera to take a brief video, a fraction of a second long, as a ploy to eliminate blinking people who constantly manage to come out in photos with their eyes closed. This way, if a person has their eyes shut, you can scroll thru the various exposure (like rapid bursts) and select a better shot. I don't know if it will fix the problem here with the digital sign, but I'm curious to find out.

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