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So today, one of the co-workers here at the salt mines said that he found a bag with a spray can in it. This had been one of the pieces of evidence that the arresting officers inquired to us about; whether any of us had seen the suspects come in with their spray cans. After thinking about the whole situation, the rumor that somebody from the community had spotted aforementioned taggers and called it in to the pd, was just too simple for somebody that constantly stresses over the crime and violence as shown on the news. My own conclusion on this matter was that, since I had never seen the delinquent teens before yesterday when they were handcuffed and escorted out the building, I wouldn't run it past the undercover cops involved staging the whole thing. Why? I dunno why. I guess, in this area, the only way to catch the key pins involved in organized crime is to plant a few snitch teens in front of bystanders. That's the way the police took control of their investigation yesterday.

First a uniformed cop entered. He seemed lost. He exited. Then he entered again with his radio, but still lost. He exited. Nothing out of the ordinary had been happening. I mean, compared to some of the other days when the radical kids whom we babysit start acting up, it was calmer than a Sunday. And we're closed Sundays. Cop enters third time, seemingly communicating now on his cell phone to someone and signaling possibly same person through the windows into the parking lot. He then approaches studious mohawk haircut dude and handcuffs him. He sits him back down at his computer and begins chatting w/ buddy on next 'puter over. Eventually, the undercover cops enter: one male and one female. They take over the scene. They frisk, they question and they book it with their bounty. End o` story. Uniformed cop returns to inform boss that it had all been a follow up to a call informing police of taggers.


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