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Aliens really are already here. Watching. Being invisible.

Man, I try. Let's maybe chock this one up as Intro to Guitar/movies/exporting/saving/uploading 101. Dang, what a headache.

But the good news is this: change. The other day I was caught, at work, listening to to my favorite head banging radio station 100 hitz in Antelope Valley, California. I use the Android "Radio Garden" app. Of course, if I want to be in good standing with the boss, I had to comply and turn that stuff off. Suddenly there appeared a dark cloud over my head. I've always traded my outburst expressions, despite they being voiced under my breath, for the music I love to listen to; and that's worked by gagging the occasional "God damn-it!" when something goes wrong, because when I listen to heavy metal, I see it as background music to my own life story movie. In other words, I've convinced myself to shut the hell up whenever an outburst of profanity is under my tongue because I wouldn't want to interrupt the song I might be listening to with a random expletive. I mean, it isn't like I was following along with the lyrics. It's been helpful. The dark cloud over my head isn't because music lovers have been shortchanged by the government (FCC) by forcing radio stations to pay a steep fine if they air metal songs with explicit lyrics.

For starters, how would anybody know since the lyrics in metal are completely muffled by the strong guitar, or even the grunge-like voice in which metal lyrics are usually hollered?

That day I got in my car and drove home for lunch. At least I could listen to my head banging tunes in peace in my car, and boy was it fitting with that dark cloud lingering over my head. All I could think of was, it's okay to play girly pop songs in the office but when a heavy metal song comes up, oh my god, turn it off. Too taboo. etc.

This year, because of my ferns, I decided to conjure up some dragonflies as I've read online that dragonflies eat a hella lot of mosquitos. The ferns I grow need to be moist and so that section of garden produces a lot of mosquitos. I also learned that dragonflies are attracted to certain type of plants. Black-eyed Susans, which I could not grow this year, and a variety of the latter called Spanish Eyes. That one did take off. And it's a beautiful flower. So I come home for lunch and what do I see but a dragonfly just hovering above my house as if it was a drone. Sorry, but I couldn't get footage of that. Instead, I've been working to put together a stop motion video of the plant as it progressively expanded and bloomed. What a fail that was, even with the background music of me on guitar trying to learn SLAYER's Dead Skin Mask. Oh well, maybe I'll get better next time.
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