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InstaMini - 3.33MB (time to delete app)
InstaMini - 3.33MB (time to delete app)

My Android has several camera apps.  Each app has its perks, but right now I'm just looking for something comparible to BitCam (iOS), because of its stylish screen effect and low memory consumption.  The problem I have with most of the camera apps on my Andoid is wide range of sharing options.  Since I can't remember how and what I need to do to share my pix on the fly AND uploading to <strong>lj</strong>, I'm incorporating an app called Monospace for taking my notes.

I remember when I was looking for text apps that would ease the pain of creating html hyperlinks thru photoshop.  InstaMini can be configured to save on the cloud.  It's weird that I thought I had that same cloud on my desktop, but somehow the same photos that get saved to Google Photos aren't synched with the photos I have on my laptop.  Whether my pix were manually or automatically saved to the cloud, if I use the google link to share my photos on livejournal, the photos do not get downloaded to my lj Scrapbook.  So, what that means to me is, the chances those photos will some day get lost from a system reset, or a new phone, are different from the photos that get saved to the SD card.  (I'll talk about those apps in my next update)

There's two different ways I upload images into my updates. One uses css layers. The other simply includes the alignment configuration of the <img src> tag. Using html img src align tag is so much easier and I can use that for photos taken with the InstaMini app since it incorporates a frame with each photo. Only problem is the memory it uses. I can only see it's application for high quality exposures. I'll have to try it in dark environments when the flash is necessary to see whether it's worth the effort. I have one of those analog, toycamera, instant cameras and it isn't easy to get a clear image. Especially when the flash is required. If it works out, I'm sure I'll be looking for a similar app on the iphone.

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