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What flies look like when they be playing guitar metal

I approve this msg

I didn't want to do the four panel cartoon because I don't have anything for the poofy scene (the scene that is supposed to convey the old stale air encased withing the confines of a car; yet when the car door is shut really hard, all that stale air is forced out violently, reaching double the distance than if the car door was shut calmly)

I think this doodle #863165 I did I scanned on notability.  Unfortunately, Notability app does not have a 'scan' option, which would allow such edit tools as contrast adjustment and free rotation or skewing of dimensional corrections, etc.  I just like the way each note stamps the date and time at the top.  Don't get me wrong about Notability, I didn't export this picture or save it.  I screenshot the page. — So, to summarize:  I used the camera feature on the actual Notability app, where I might've been able to use the Notes app, which does have the scan feature. — By using the latter way I would've been able to erase the background lines and pencil marks.  I would try it, but I also wanted to upload some random pictures I take from around my 'hood.  I might end up trying to combine a scanned photo from the Notes app, imported to the Notability app (so I can have the neat little date and time stamp up at the top), then screenshot the page.  So far I still think it's easier manipulating a screenshot than it would be to save the Notability page.  That means I can only use Notability for single page mock-ups. Notes or Pages would be more ideal for multi-page comps for exporting, scanning, what-not.

the poofy scene
the poofy scene
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