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The corporate right to be immoral

Starbucks grand opening in Echo park - Glendale Blvd & Montana St. Jun 26 Fri.
We've all heard about Kaepernick and the football commissioner's attempt to empathize with protesters.  Lately, his statement has sparked many questions in the media:  I haven't read any of
Roger Goodell explains why NFL admitted it was wrong to silence protesters: ’That video came out and I thought it was very powerful’, MassLive, 16Jun - Tue

Megyn Kelly mocks Roger Goodell idea for Colin Kaepernick to ‘guide’ NFL on social justice, Washington Examiner, 17Jun - Wed

Donald Trump rips NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s apology regarding player protests, Oregonian, 18June - Thur

Roger Goodell encourages NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick, KMOV, 23Jun - Tue

Roger Goodell on Colin Kaepernick’s possible return to NFL: ‘I welcome that’, KUOW, 16Jun - Tue
Corner of Liberty St and Montana St.
Donald Trump blasts Roger Goodell’s video message: “Nobody was even asking for it”, NBC Sports, 17Jun - Wed

Donald Trump: No one asked for NFL’s Roger Goodell to release video statement, Bleacher Report, 20Jun - Sat

Roger Goodell needs to ‘encourage’ NFL Network to air a Colin Kaepernick marathon, New York Daily News, 20Jun - Sat

Matt Judon unimpressed with Roger Goodell’s equality message, Sports Illustrated, 16Jun - Tue

Hard to believe Roger Goodell, NFL truly want Colin Kaepernick back in league, NBC Sports, 19Jun - Fri
His father decide the president.  Will Roger Goodall follow? Wall Street Journal, 16Jun - Tue

Roger Goodell’s apology isn’t enough.  The NFL must do more to combat system racism, Washington Post, 19Jun - Fri

It’s time for Roger Goodell to change the name of the Washington football team, The Nation, 18Jun - Thun

Were Roger Goodell, Drew Brees sincere in apologies?  We’re about to find out, USA Today, 16Jun - Tue
I haven't read any of the Roger Goodell [SLASH] Colin Kaepernick news articles.  Do you know why?  No, not because I'm lazy;  Nor because I'm illiterate.  I haven't read any print journalism news articles on the subject because Starbucks, which just finished their grand opening of their newest Echo Park, Los Angeles satellite office, does not supply newspapers.  There is currently no telling when or if this Starbucks outlet will ever supply their customers with newspapers because it is only by word of mouth that I came to understand that, depending on how much business they get, over time they might begin a subscription to a newspaper publication like NY Times, Washington Post.  And in the interim, it feels a lot like when the last elections put a measure to vote about whether or not to keep daylight savings time in California, but when it passed and those who voted to eliminate it saw that they were still obligated the following year to adjust their watches, clocks, we've all become slave to how and when legislation decides to adjust our schedule.

Just as, if I had know getting excited about a Starbucks coming to town so close I could wake up, get out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, cross the street in my PJs (in my case boxer shorts) and buy a copy of the newspaper… if I had know that peeing my pants in excitement was premature and dependent on the profit margins of the manager of the new Starbucks, I would simply have chagrined my eagerness and defaulted to my espresso machine and laptop for news.

After all, what does this little hick regime known as Echo Park have invested in anything that happens to us.~  We who believed Villaraigosa was corrupt in his failed marriage dealings and replaced him with Huizar.  What the hell, I wouldn't have known anything about the corrupt city council in my district anyway since the only newspaper I'm really interested is in what people read on the east coast.
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