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This movie poster of YF&N used a painting by an artist decades earlier. So why am I in it? Sis too

I predict that things will only get worse quickly if Americans are being asked to go  back to work, but all the pubs are being ordered to stay closed.  I predict that many poets, writers, artists, musicians and all around creative people who rely heavily in the effects of alcohol in relation to how their job affects them soberly will blow their brains out with a gun.  I predict many disgruntled tax payers returning to work without an outlet to release and unwind will take up arms and massacre innocent people.
When I write like this, I don't really need my glasses to see; and that's why they call this style blackletter/fat letter.

Predictions made in the heat of anger in which Hot Pink Uniform reform for all law enforcement patrolmen will be the only salvation society has to instill in its government acceptance by the people it governs.  I see this happening in the future, but perhaps we're still behind to not see the logic of using colors to convince people of the change that is being made rather than lies.
In the upcoming elections, I see the incumbent ridiculed for referencing Men in Blue as the current apparel for the police department.
Starbucks opens half-assed cafe w/o print news

I see myself living with a lover before actually tying the knot because as far as children are concerned, I don't plan on making them (sounds so mechanical.) I don't know why I bring up such a private topic during my so-to-speak for-lack-of-a-better-term séance.  I guess because I am not a witch, nor a warlock, nor a soothsayer.  I don't ask for handouts.  I am simply trying to mind my own business while I psyche myself out in prep for the manual typewriter.   I have said I run a community for wannabe screenwriters — I doubt it'll be any fun for a professional screenwriter — in which the only rule is to generate a hard copy of the scenes you'd like to submit to the group and scan that into the computer.  The community site still needs tweaking as I have visions of utilizing the free and open-source .fountain language.  I still have a long way to go for that, but when I do achieve such a feat, then and only then shall the requirement for #tmtwngm entries to the community sight be abolished.
I've noticed an obstacle to adjusting image size when using the New Editor, similar to the lacking of a DRAFTS button in the classic version.

This reminds me of how enslaved all the poor people living in any of the states not recognizing THB as a legal substance, which it seems is not many anymore, must feel if they too had to go back to work without a pub to unwind.  But I guess this is only happening in California.  Because gawd-forbid something like that would be going on in New York.  There'd be a riot.  New Yorkers don't let themselves get pushed around like Californians.  If the Gov says 'take a flying leap' then Californians ask 'how high?'  Surfer dude tokes at a lit doobie while slowly reciting:  "How…" Surfer dude exhales smoke and takes another toke of the marijuana joint while reciting:  "high?"
OH Starbucks opens half-assed cafe w/o print news
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