blabbermouth dot net has the heads-up on SLAYER-related media

I really like this rss feed* from blabbermouth dot net.  Gary Holt is in the news making press releases about upcoming Exodus EPs.  I thought I'd be watching a music video when I clicked play; not yet sure what I'm doing these days even though I knew full well that the PR had to do with not yet released new music.


New posting panel is more better than old version 'classic' editor because:  Take my poll.  Now that I have my typewriter back, I can't tear myself away from expanding my knowledge of programming.  OMG! there's mouse in my house.  Oh no.  And I don't have a cat.  What am I going to do.  Mildred don't eat mice, not that she would feel comfortable roaming around outside her habitat.  Frankly, I knew I was hearing shit around the house.  It's been a couple days now.  Maybe weeks, but only recently the mouse decides to become cocky.  There is a very thin gap between the door and the floorboard at the doorsill.  

I'm kinda in-between cancelling my football hobby of sofa lounging on weekends watching football because of the way the commissioner approach his apology for being such an idiot about the controversy involving police brutality and prejudice.  'Colin Kaepernick.  I don't know how to spell the dudes name.  He was the quarterback for the 49ers.

And this is what I love about blogging.  Being able to do quick reference checks while composing; the way I just did with the activist football player Kaepernick.

Gonna be attempting to update more often as I doubt I'll get anything done around here with that baby bird outside.  And the mouse.  OMG!  Does anybody have a cat they can loan me?

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