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peep holes. Why is new editor inserting a space, then the hexadecimal for non-breaking space? melike

There's a nest in the Holly tree next to my porch.  Seeing as my house is small, the porch is also my view from my office.  It is adjacent to the main family room and the office which really doesn't have any walls separating the kitchen.  Imagine a giant kitchen countertop in the middle of a room, not unlike an island which I understand is a kitchen counter top together with a dish washing area in the middle of a room.  Well, think of a kitchen counter in the middle of my office dividing the kitchen from the office — which originally was meant to be a dining area, so perhaps that would enable to visualize the situation more clearly. — And there's this cute little wooden chair I bought to go with the Native American rug to cover up an ugly gap in the linoleum floor which is separating from each other.  That's my reading chair.

Glnd Bl & Montana St
calligraphyBitcam app uses minimal memory space</i>

The sound of the baby mocking bird chick in the nest is driving me nuts.  Reading is impossible.  I got a new book! I would like so much to share it with you.  PHP Web Services, Lorna Jane Mitchell I'm also taking lynda dot com courses on how to build a [Content Management System]CMS.

Should the status quo be, for peeps with smart phones, to turn mobile phone video cameras on each and every time a law enforcement office, who isn't wearing his hot pink reformed uniform, is seen "on duty" and eating donuts, among other duties?  I dunno about that, but for sure the two sketchy stickmen in the 4-panel comic strip I'm percolating no doubt will be wearing hot pink.  Currently, I am exploring all the different options that I have to work with:  lap top, iphone, Pages app, Notability app, Preview app, pdf formatted documents, etc.  

I see raccoons
calligraphyFRAKTUR STYLE

The other day, my neighbor came to ask me about possible guests I might've been entertaining last week.  Apparently rumor is spreading that somebody was seen exiting the property thru the driveway at the wee hours of the night.  Damn!  That's my only source of intercourse I get when I hire red-light district employees.  The landlady was there as well eavesdropping on our conversation.  Landlady?  Is there such a thing?  Am I being confused?  I do mean to say landlord, but seeing as she's female, I figure landlady is the same thing.  Am I wrong?

I'm usually still awake by 2AM because I try staying up everyday to listen to TKON.  Admittedly, some shows aren't as great as others, and I've been known to fall asleep all the way thru.  When that happens, I wake up at about 3AM-4AM and make my way to the restroom to brush my teeth. Gawd forbid that I should miss a day when I brush before sleep.  Brush, wash, pee.  Wash.  Brush brush brush brush brush.  No wonder long hair isn't for men.

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