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JESUS H. CHRIST.  I worked up a sweat cultivating soil, weeding a small patch of land for sowing seeds, making a nursery run for supplies and daily babying whatever started sprouting in that area for signs of grown.  Welp, the landlady caught hint that I poured my heart out with these Blackeyed Susan seeds, which incidentally I planted at the wrong time of year, and the Spanish Eyes variety of same flower and began her  regular dehumanizing nature by criticizing the area slightly beyond the patch of soil I worked on in early Spring saying: why don't you weed?  Look at how ugly it looks next to the area you've planted stuff in.  If you were planning to plant stuff, why didn't you weed the rest of the area so that it looks pretty.

Gullible me just shrugged her opinions off and explained to her that the area she wants weeded is inaccessible right now since working on it would mean trampling the area where my Spanish Eyes seedlings have begun to emerge.  It only took the time it takes for a doctors appointment to get new glasses for her to destroy my seedlings by getting in there and pulling weeds herself.

Perhaps you might have already read occasions when the landlord pulled out completely the Night Shade I had also nurtured from seed last year.  That time I had really blown my top because it simply boggles the mind how the absent-minded landlady goes about her time watching me plant stuff (working up a sweat and devoting the entire day on it) and comes back with the simple excuse of "I forgot.  I thought they were weeds."  Now it seems my theory is not too far fetched and if I ever want to grow anything around here, I will first need to invest in pots.  Big pots, small pots. Irregularly shaped pots.  As long as the post I use are pots I've purchased, it's the only way I'll have some peace of mind trying to be a gardener.


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