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A new Starbucks just landed across the street

The first thing I did was check to see whether they had copies of the New York Times for sale. As I walk in, I catch an employee's ear and ask. Her answer, though negative, wasn't satisfactory because I thought her response could've been shortened from "We're out", since it was about 2PM when I ask, "No." So I walk up to the barista counter and ask there. The other staff member expands on the first employees response and says "We're not on the newspaper plan".

How disappointing. Considering I have no use for a Starbucks so close to home ever since I invested in a cappuccino machine, the only thing I was hyped up about was waking up early to walk to the Starbucks and buy a copy of the New York Times, or Washington Post. I checked yelp dot com to figure out whether café establishments listed there display 'newspapers' as a menu option. I know of a Starbucks about a mile away that indeed offer newspapers, as well as accessories, mugs, coffee beans, etc. That establishment is not much larger as the Starbucks across the street, but they do a good job packing their display cases effectively so their customers know where to stand in line in the maze of obstacles and tables.

The first thing my brain starts thinking is how can I suggest Starbucks across the street to carry a subscription to newspapers, preferably NOT the L.A. Times. But I was still on the clock and I had more stuff to catch up on (at work). Abandoning the idea helped me calm down and restructure my plan of action. It became more and more apparent that the establishment must be managed by a young entrepreneur who probably invested their life savings into the business. Like most new business, it takes awhile to turn a profit and expand; so I'm going to be optimistic that the Starbucks across the street will gradually expand and eventually start a newspaper subscription for this area.

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