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Where did I leave my e-book?

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There was a time, way back when livejournal first started out, when I couldn't unglue myself from the computer. I would spend hours on it trying to figure out this blog thing and the programming languages that go with it. I was gung-ho about learning programming and I found something called Rebol. I worked and worked to get that bliki software running properly on my computer. It wasn't easy. I went from zero programming experience back then to average html/css coder.>

I think those days are back again. Isn't it something what a wee bit of tweaking does? I've been cramming on MySQL videos via my library membership and lynda dot com. I've learned so much after having installed MySQL, the workbench, getting PHP to synch with it and dreaming about one day hashing out my own blog from the ground up. I had missed those days. I wouldn't even pause for lunch. Even computer nerds pause long enough to take a bite out of a hot pocket. Goto Website Here's a link from the bookmarklet I finally got to work on my Opera browser about nothing important. I just wanted to test it out.

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