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I was fiddling around with the stylesheets just to see if I might screw the blog up and coil back into my frustrated brain crunching meditative states, or whether I understand programming languages better now to know what I'm doing. Then the George thing happened. George who? Floyd. Pretty boy George Floyd. And I couldn't get out of my head how imperative it is for congress to consider the hot pink uniform reform for law enforcement officers in the 21st century.

Now I remember how surfing the web got me to this whimsical trivia.

So, now my blog entries are even harder to read. But that's okay too because really, when I update, I image the clips and snips I grab from around the web, which other peeps namely, annie_hardy, use twitter and instagram platforms to do, stuff seem to be laying out perfectly. Ex: the floating image of the wikipedia clip bleeds into the next page, but all my previous text (in previous posts beforehand) clear the image. And what I mean is, it don't disappear behind the image file. Ex #2: the [POST BY:] tag that pulls up my lj-user name is right up against the border of the image in a kinda sorta plug for my livejournal account.

As I was saying though, the screenwriting hobby is still a factor in the way I write; so are typewriters. And as soon as I get one that I like, I'll start updating those hashtag entries too. I can already see the uploads of scans are even more legible than regular entries (what with the background image effect of refried paper.) I imagine that even when my ink ribbon is running dry, the scans will still be better looking than i/o entries.

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