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Fay Grim

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I've been in a stooper all day today, to the point of dozing at my desk. I don't even have ambition to grab myself a latté. The trooper that I am, I search high and low for something, anything, on the web to raise my spirits. Here it is. Something to remind me when I get home to adjust my TiVo to remove the NK wish list and change it to Kinski (only). The other day I caught the HD premier of Fay Grim. I enjoyed it! as much as I read the bad reviews on IMDB. I can't wait until the opportuntiy arises to see the first film that sparked the sequel, Henry Fool

Hmm, who do I have to thank for remembering to record Fay Grim? Not the TiVo's suggestion feature, that's for sure. It was a combination of cool casting including Nikolai Kinski, Parker Posey, and Elina Löwensohn. Thanks, you guys. When I get a chance to watch this flick several more times, I'll be sure to add another fav actor/actress to my must-see list of films I haven't seen yet.

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