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jabber and what's xmpp

I downloaded the client CONVERSATIONS and succeeded to link it with my lj. Frank the goat sends me notifications whenever my lj notifications settings say that I should be receiving an IM for something. I never did understand why I wasn't being notified by text message even though my notification settings indicated I should. Because the Conversations app is so inadequate for composing long entries, I'm planning on using a text editor like Celtx to composing my lj entries. Celtx (because I paid for it when my typewriter broke), and copying and pasting text from that app to the Conversations app's text field sounds productive. Although it might be easier just to compose my entries as an email, I don't use that because part of the fun updating my livejournal blog this new funky way, with the Celtx app, will impose time spent learning that app as I've neglected doing so because nothing compares to composing a scene on a manual typewriter. Beside, This app specializes in formatting for screenplays, and that is after all what my blog is about. Perhaps this will be motivational for familiarizing myelf with Celtx.

For starters, I still don't know whether I'll be able to post an image file to the blog using Conversations. I know it's possible using email servers, but it seems that email culture has been spoken for and it is too convoluted with other important tasks like e-bills, junk e-mail, receipts for online purchases and whatever else is out there (mistress corespondent business); separating blogging from official e-mail business sounds like the smart move.

Yes it is too bad that lj has not developed a way to be included in the dropdown menus whenever sharing is executed on smart phones. I know all the other social media servers have this feature as I see options to share stuff on instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. I doubt lj's lack of sophistication, however, has anything to do with my low visitor count. Or low contributions comments and community membership. I did go out and spring for the community numbskulls! JK. [be nice]

This here post is the first I've made thru the new xmpp derivative. Of course, I didn't type the entire entry on the phone app. I just was curious to see if Frank the goat is on alert by writing something blasé. This query on technology serves as the rudiment objective in utilizing mySQL as a cross reference database for all the scanned scenes I've written which I will later revise and rewrite in a different perspective from one of the other characters in the story: the fly, Deirdre, Molly, Aaron, etc.
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