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Here's the reason why I'm not so friendly with computers and fall back on manual typewriters when I want to do some serious writing.  Relearn relearn relearn.  My mother tells me I was a crybaby each year when students, completing one grade level, moved on to the next grade lever because I didn't understand why I should have to learn maths or grammar, history, etc. all over again every year (in a higher grade lever.)  I'm still like that and I'll whine over qwerty boards the rest of my life.  The computer age used a bait and switch idealism for addressing the customization of keyboards.  I still refuse to hunker down with computer qwerty boards when I learned to type with the apostrophe key above the number 8 key.  I'm not computer scientist so I quit investigating ways to customize my computer keyboard to match that of my manual typewriter.  Aprostrophe key where the 8 key is, the asterisk key next to the #1 key for my left hand's pinky finger.  Learned later on that customizing keyboards required specialized software, or a new computer because the task was so complex, only newer processors on new computers could apease this task on a computer friendly level.

When my typewriter broke down, I experienced anxiety.  It was the only machine I used for producing the scenes I write for my screenplay.  I invested in small apps for my phone, computer version of small apps for a desktops, and even contemplated using my calligraphy pens to attempt fixed width Times Roman by hand.  Crazy.  As if screenwriting isn't difficult enough, set backs for text encoding is beyond my scope of comprehension.  And even though I found that it's much easier to produce hard copies of script scanned into the blog as an image file rather than tweaking code on my blog to cater to the formatting rules of screenplays, I still managed to come up with an easy way to use the tt tag, blockquote tag, center tag for hacking out blog formatting resembling the same tab indentions of a screenplay.  Because I always scan and share my scenes online, I preferred that than fountain formatting.  I suppose I can develop a new project for incorporating formatting for the blog.

Ever the pessimist, and much the same way that capitalism monopolized the software industry to disenfranchise consumers of their investment each time they upgrade their computers, My experience with apps that expire after so many installations, so too I expect websites/blogs can gradually be phased out for reasons of platform upgrades.

This is what I decided about trying to learn to write for the movie industry.  I would write a movie about something prolific spanning the length of ten minutes, and I would expand this ten minute incident to 90 minutes by reshooting each scene in different perspectives of the characters involved.  Along the way, I add interesting scenarios juxtaposed with the trending current issues in the real world.  Presently, I'm working on how to convey the color of law enforcement uniforms so they're believable in hot pink.


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