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Monking around with nobody to interact with during the loneliest year

If it wasn't for my job, I probs wouldn't have any reaction to the quarentine situation. The self isolation edict when it was first enacted was not an inconvenience. I stocked up on the booze and groceries so that everyday, after work, I would pour myself a drink and chill either in front of the TV, or lounging while listening to tunes, hacking my life away*. It's always been a safe, drama-free, no-need-to-worry-about-cops-driving-home way to unwind. Lord knows Waze is probably under the men in pink payrol.

These days I could let my hair down and comfortably flap it up and down as I try to fly with it, or at the very least emulate the wings of the ears on the god Mercury, Bozo the clown, the Hells Angels' logo. Surely Bozo was able to fly with his hair, although I had never seen this feat done on TV. I doubt I've seen every episode of the Bozo kids TV show when it aired during its regular season, but I think flying with his hair must've been one of the things every child anticipated while tuning in.

Now it seems that I've seen every episode of every TV series worth watching and I'm bored. Everybody's been talking about the Tiger King reality show, but I fell asleep during the last episode. This show reminded me of Deadwood and the way the westerners would cover-up their murders by feeding the corpses to the pigs. That the country has moved on to feeding their homicide victims to tigers is no surprise but are we really expected to believe that people involved in such criminal activity do it with such clean and profanity-free language?

Mr Pickles, Absolutely Fabulous and The Midnight Gospel are not new shows. They premiered in 2013, 1992 and… 2020? Respectively, hmm it would seem I've stumbled on a new show. As far as the former, I doubt they're still in production. I think I've seen all episodes, including AbFab, the movie, a 91 minute film released in 2016 about the eccentric pair: Patsy and Edina. Mr. Pickles was a treat for the Saturday morning before the cancellation of Easter Sunday which truly gave the holiday a run for it's money. AbFab just reminds me of how gullible my screenwriting blog constantly gets ripped off. If I had $1K for every time a major movie studio tried to clear their conscience by finding creative ways to forward royalties to the real screenwriter, I would be a quadriplegic living in Monterey, California right now. But who are we kidding. Why would a Hlwd studio even have a conscience? If I had $1K for every time a lawyer saw fit to fix a loophole in a contract, then I'd be driving a new car with arthritic joints from all the broken bones sustained from auto accidents somebody saw fit to cause just to pay me hush money to keep insurance companies out of the equation.

I'm enjoying my solitude at home. I've got books, projects, art, music, pets, space and gardening to hold my interests. I'm still only halfway thru THEME MUSIC, by T. Marie Vandelly, just beginning hands-on data entry with mySQL, cleared off the drafting table (again) and focusing more on storyboarding my comic strips than making my cartoons jump off the page. I have a new set of calligraphy pen nibs with ideas for short catchy phrases I would like to dream up for dialog in the ol' great American screenplay I've been writing for years now. Actually, the mySQL project database I'm working on is just a list of scenes I've uploaded over the years which I will be rewriting and doing so with the collaboration of effective index card usage.

Currently, a mocking bird chick fell out of its nest and found itself in my birdcage. It doesn't eat the seed or veggies I put out for it, but I notice that if I leave the cage door open, the parents come by to feed it. Unfortunately, the chick is constantly getting out of the cage and helplessly wandering about. I'll take pictures soon to post for all to see. They make for some ugly chicks these mocking birds.

* more of a lifehack sort of activity as my computer science skills are limited.

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