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This is getting more burdensome than fun. Yesterday somebody threw my car a morsel of food. I expect the education level around here where I work wouldn't know the difference between feeding a lama at the zoo from an inanimate object. That's probably why I see so many tutors.

Having reached my level of tolerance in listening to Morrissey, I tried to switch over to a book on CD, The girl next door, but the person who was reading the novel had an awkward way ot voicing the lines of one of the male characters. The reader was female, so it's understandable that her voice would be limited in reaching a tenor level.

The moment I saw Morrissey's You are the quarry on the shelf, I immediate had to have it. It almost got stuck in my disc drive too. It was then that I began to wonder to myself whether it was really worth it, downloading the MP3 version when none of the titles of the songs seemed to be interesting.

Thank goodness there's only four more songs to the CD to review. I brought up an unusual incident that happened to me in 2005 last year. I had thought I had seen my xgf. Normally, when lovers see each other after a length of departure, they acknowledge themselves and catch up on things, however momentous the moment. To this day, there's a question mark over my head about whether it was her or not, but I've been like that most of my life since I met her. I think that's how LET ME KISS YOU makes me feel.

Let Me Kiss You
There's a place in the sun, For anyone who has the will to chase one/ And I think I've found mine, Yes, I do believe I have found mine, so ¶ Close your eyes, And think of someone, You physically admire/ And let me kiss you, Let me kiss you ¶ I've zig-zagged all over America, And I cannot find a safety haven/ Say, would you let me cry, On your shoulder/ I've heard that you'll will try anything twice ¶ Close your eyes, And think of someone, You physically admire,/ And let me kiss you, Let me kiss you ¶ But then you open your eyes, And you see someone, That you physically despise/ But my heart is open/ My heart is open to you"
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