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whiskers the fish is fine and kicking, the playful rascal

cache versus cash
two typing machines, one a computer, the other a manual typewriter.  Which contains the worse virus?
virus typewriters
Whiskers seems to be developing an evil side. Since Goldie died — s/he was discovered one day floating on the surface of the 40 gallon tank — it seems like whiskers is communicating his discomfort in the living arrangements. He's poised upside down at the bottom of the tank. I've been varying his diet and alternating between wafers some days and tiny BB pellot sized food on others. Perhaps he isn't too keen on foraging the tiny pellots after they've sunk between the crevices of the rocks and gravel.
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whiskers upside down

If fishes were human, would they be alien? With their own set of personal problems, tribulations, etc. Bierde thinks of a way to empethize with the situation the fish are in as he's certain they get claustrophobic. Bierde studies their shape, their boyancy comparing them to the vegetative state of a sinking wafer. The sinking wafer, he decides, takes on a disc-like ascent to the bottom and Bierde fantasizes of a UFO sinking to the bottom of the lifelike terrarium with an H20 atmosphere. Carefully following the sinking wafer to the bottom as it travels like a UFO can be expected to fly thru thick air, a leaf of a plastic plant seems to be in the path of the UFO/wafer, a collision awaiting to be emphasized by Bierde's vivid imagination with sound effects in his head of metal against metal scraping the towering structure of the leaf protruding from the land; yet before the UFO/wafer diverts its slow descent averting the leaf, Bierde's eyes seem to glow in amazement at the possibility the UFO/wafer could have deliberately dodged a disaster. At the bottom, the UFO/wafer skids over the rocky surface before flipping on it's back; as Bierde had imagined the wafer a UFO entering the atmosphere head first and flipping over upon touchdown, it occurs to him that the alien's POV must've been upside down up to the point when it scrapes metal against metal against the rocky earth only to flip itself rightside up in the end. The spaceship was obviously built to disembark topside up. Close up on the nearing surface to a hypothetical alien POV which appears like a rollercoaster ride the moment touchdown is made. Heavy metal playing in the background.

The thing we don't realize is the microbiological existence that the vegetative state of the morsel of food passing through an H20 atmosphere might have might be intelligent. The tiny alien could be hidden within the atoms comprising the foodstuff as it veers its ship on a new course to avoid striking the plastic leaf, yet it does it so smoothly, one has to wonder whether the little wafer wasn't completing its fateful descent for the soul purpose to emulate the perfect landing of a UFO in a fictitious place not unlike the lost city of Atlantis.

Wake up Whiskers! Like I don't have enough stress, you gotta go pretending that you're dead. Here, have a wafer then. Stand up straight.
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