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been trying to improve the previous comic strip but plot always changes.  How can I combine all panels (8) into four?
b&w waterbased
Rainy day today. The black-eyed Susan's seem to be sprouting. I can't find my reading glasses and I'm very much considering calling the optometrist as I believe I am eligible for one of those medical insurance eye exams. However, this morning I called my dentist to verify whether my dental cleaning appointment was still on for tomorrow. They're closed apparently. I dunno for sure whether they've closed because of the quarantine curfew. Am thinking the same thing may apply for my optometrist. And I'm also hearing on the news that this week everybody should try to stay home and live off whatever food items they have on hand to avoid going out to the supermarket for groceries. The pandemic is believed to have reached it's plateau before infected citizen counts start to subside.

> Meanwhile, I did some shopping online the other day. Clothes and office supplies. Since everyone is telecommuting from home, I figured it's about time I catch up on shopping sprees I never go on because I'm single right now. But without further adieu, I might have mentioned in earlier blog updates that I was downloading some social media apps like Bigo — now I'm hearing there's something out there called Quibi — and I guess these apps will always contain phishing holes where victims are targeted for their weaknesses. Mine being relationships, I end up meeting a porn star. So I drew a cartoon about it. Some of the dialog between hypothetical porn star's txt messages with me was something I was thinking of using in my next tmtwngm blog update. My typewriter is currently in the shop, but I had originally decided I would type some of the more interesting topics directly from my phone to my typewriter. A wayside project because I haven't even gone back to re-read any of it. The relationship lasted a few days texting back and forth, arguing about the money she needed to send her kids to the video game store so that they'd be out of the way.

Damn, who pays $100 in video games? There's never even any pin-ball machines anywhere anymore.

When I explained that my credit card was denied, hypothetical porn star would always need verification and would ask me to send her a screen shot of my attempts to transfer funds to her STEAM account. These hypothetical porn stars are the crazy bitches people talk about that are very wild in bed. They're out for distortion when they aren't filming the next porno film. Everything turned out okay in the end. I don't kiss and tell so you'll have to use your imaginations about whether or not I got laid by a porn star.

Has anyone seen annie_hardy's music video for her latest EP? Does anybody find her sexy? I noticed a bit of nip slip and it got me all hot and bothered. Wondering what life might be like with somebody like her to live with. She cray. Of course, I'm always working late, so unless she started getting ideas of pursuing companionship with somebody else while I sweat to the brow here in the salt mines, either she'd be required to knock on my door dressed like a model so I can A) shoot her for the interview she hasn't granted me yet, B) pass her off as the new cleaning lady, C) convince her to be a live-in cleaning lady (with benefits), or D) shuffle off to her house to be killed with her gun after she shoots me in the balls.
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