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Theme Music by T. Marie Vandelly

paper, waterbased ink, color pencil
Theme Music is a novel. It came out a couple of years ago; first publication 2019. It is categorized as psychological fiction by the Libray of Congress. The author is T Marie Vandelly. The prologue describes a grizzly murder. Of course, this would make any fan of mystery novels anxious to figure out the who why where and when these murders took place, but then the prologue takes a twist of its own.

The prologue describes the young individual who discovered the bodies. His statement leaves us hanging wanting to know what heartrending desperation song was playing on the stereo component that shocked the young boy even more than witnessing the bloody gore of the hack job murder scene.

Finally got tired trying to psyche myself out for the history book on the MI5 and their Nazi Hunting hobbies. I reached 100 pages and that's that. I'll come back to it when I think I need something out of it. What could that theme music have been? Hmm… I drew another picture. I didn't like the way the watercolor paint job from yesterday turned out. For starters, the paper isn't thick enough to sustain it's flatness after it's been soaked in water. The colors I used sucked too. They aren't soft the way Fran Krause's technique gives them. I guess she's using plain water to soak the boarders where she intends to add color, she later adds to the drenched sections by dipping her brush in a tincture of color and applies it to the wet section. But again, this isn't going to work on the thin 50 Lb.sketch pad paper I'm using. I'll have to find thicker stock.

I rearanged the furniture. Before, it was okay because, as soon as I would get home from work, I'd really just plop myself down in front of the TV and eat my dinner, listen to the radio, read, then sleep. There never was a necessity to make stuff accessible so readily. The remote was good enough to control the TV. Once in awhile I needed access to the stereo, but because it was a tight squeeze between the sofa and the iguana habitat, I shrugged it off believing that the turntable was probably better off allocated in a section of room not easily accessible. In this way, the risk of scratching a record by bumping the stereo component wouldn't happen as frequently. But now that quarentine has me at home most of the time…

I've decided if I want my sketches to be in color, for now I'm at least fully stocked with 125 sheets of 9x12" paper and color pencils. Instead of focusing so much on color, I should try to make my cartoon panels interesting. I'd prefer they have a political undertone. I'm not a fan of politics, but I take the view that all thinks in life can be seen politically.I've got Meshuggah's BLEED playing softly in the background. Could this have been the type of music Rory heard as he entered his friend Josh's house? How could that even be relavent to the rest of the story tho? That's only a minor detail of the crime scene. The picture of the dustjacket for Theme Music is a second story window framed by a wall of bricks being crept upon by vines (wall creeping plant.) But also, at the valley point where the roof sides meet at a 90° angle, there is a flat shaped surface similar to what a chimney looks like against the angled surfaces of a rooftop.
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