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My logic about election years

I remember when Trump was lying to Americans saying if he were elected President, he would uncover what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.  It's been four years thus far with him in office and all I see in the foreseeable future, with his bill to restart fracking in California, is the obliteration of endangered species such as the California Condor, AND the genocide of the Chumash people whom it's been said believe the day this species of buzzard dies off, so too their people will disappear.

Of course, crazy shit happens on election years and COVID-19 is one of them.  The previous year, there had been rumors that the AE911truth movement would file a lawsuit of sorts to get a federal grand jury to rule over the conspiracy theories that the Twin Towers could not have been demolished quite the way they were felled in 2001.  In a nutshell, while jet fuel may have weakened the steel beams enough to collapse the building, it is not possible that jet fuel could have demolished the entire structure in one fell swoop as if it were controlled.
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