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There existed a world of living creatures known as insects, from caterpillars to maggots and flies

significance of keeping an effective garden in the office with black-eyed susan
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Just like my most recent ex had told me while we'd been together, I don't know what I'm doing poisoning my mind with the book I'm reading. It isn't like I'm into spies and secret weapons and whatever else spies do; kill. I managed to hack out a significant sequence focusing on the nemesis of tmtwngm. She is SHE, a femme fatale. She gets what she wants, but always with approval. Her need for acceptance goes so far and beyond that she blindly ignores her heritage and upbringing to understand what it's like to walk in another's shoes. In this case, fanaticism.
So what do I go do? I draw. Although I've left off a lot of minor details that can be considered irrelevant to the big picture in the sequence revisions I've written, it is all for the sake of making space for other irrelevant details that I will call up later in the story. What I'm having trouble with is the FLY. So far, what I'm turning in my head is the latest in popular daily issues: Covad-19 (Corona Virus). It is ironic that ELLE has not yet reached her apex as queen, and I'm sure I'll one day get to that point of merging her virtues with that of law enforcement uniform reform (hot pink), but the Zika virus is something that should probably put a damper on the tourism industry in sunny L.A. right? At least for honeymooners. Enter the Black-eyed Susan. I read online that dragonflies are attracted to this plant; also, that they eat about 100 mosquitos per day
Growing up with barbecues, we tried everything to control the flies. Candles, incense, insect repellant. Now that the barbecue scene no longer takes place as often, it isn't the flies that are problematic. It's the mosquitos. Everybody, I'm sure, hates being bitten. The itching and scratching creates rashes and sores for me because I never really made it a habit to use cortisone or to even nip it in the bud by using mosquito repellant. Why, I wonder, isn't there something in my sequences that reflects the horrible summer blues? Elle's backstory begins in New York, and a nicely arranged scene depicting the humid discomfort of dealing with mosquitos would fit perfectly somewhere so that Elle's transformation from nerdy nobody to femme fatale takes place during her relocation to the west coast.
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