My comment to an entry 'It's Only 2020. It Feels Like Ages Ago' by tama_mura

I find your blog entries very interesting. Your English skills are excellent. Where did you study? I use to have a dream of journalism, but when computer began to make a bigger impact on print journalism, magazines and newspapers were either folding or making cutbacks. Most of the magazines and newspapers today have their own website where people can read some of their news stories for free. And since I was on the brink of developing a blog, I decided I would forego the desire to become a paid writer through journalism and try to do what most bloggers/vloggers and podcasters do — earn money through their website.

From time to time I feel it would be nice to submit one or two articles as a freelance writer to see if I was good enough to be paid for my writing. Have you submitted any samples yourself, and if so, do you format your articles in MLA/APA?

I'm having too much fun to figure out how to submit job inquiries to publication magazines; plus there's so many websites that offer payment/bitcoin for articles from writers that it makes me feel print journalism is a thing of the past and therefore a waste of time. Also I'm trying to put together an interest group of screenwriters who might consider visiting my screenwriting community here on livejournal. An impossible task, btw. I do not know how successful livejournal communities moderators manage to obtain so many members while I have zero. lol.

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