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DIASTEMA segment in ELLE's POV reveals two things: shampoo and the conspiracy to kill

Since I've been scanning my updates toward treatments written for outline 835953, it makes it difficult to recall them back up if I try using Yandex google search engine feature attached to lj. I'm devising a way to cross reference my updates to the #tmtwngm writing community so I can recall my scenes with keywords.

File #39731

tmtwngm community

  • EMMA is ELLE's girlfriend.
  • SLAYER poster hides a picture of Hitler behind it that ELLE uses every morning to acclimate herself to her watermelon size boobies whenever she outstretches her arm.
  • It's as close as I've been able to get in explaining her vengeance toward her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.
  • Harvey Weinstein as the role of JACK in the movie Dirty Dancing makes creepy statements to the girls starting their first year in a Made in N.Y. sponsored acting camp.
  • Unrevealed as of yet: who the name that PATRICK outlines in the secret document
  • Catskills Luxury Resort
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • ELLE gets her boobs felt up (by a girl) as a result of the outlandish curiosity over cosmetic surgery for breast enhancement at her age from her piers
  • I wanted to continue the conversation with TIA, the LAUSD employee at the haunted high school, and ELLE about her arriving to school so early; reinforcing clues about having been raised in New York and relocating to the west coast thru the money she earned from the movie she filmed (but not yet released) at acting camp.
  • A significant scene introducing THE FLY as the bug in the black and white clips of JOHNNY RAY arriving at the airport to his crazed female fans (some experiencing their first period unexpectedly)
  • Time travel or reincarnation for ELLE as the girl in the black and white footage of Come on Eileen video wearing shoes that have the RAY printed on them with white-out correction fluid (or something)
  • I would like to continue the scene where ELLE is listening to music (in shower), but maybe a different setting such as a bus and the song Attitude by Sepultura comes on and there's a portion of instrumental that can double as the buzzing sound a fly makes and we see a pestering fly land on ELLE which she swipes away.
  • I left out the chewing gum scene where EMMA spits a wad of gum shaped like a disc which saucers thru the air like a tiny UFO and lands on a car belonging to a reckless driver that almost collided with ELLE while crossing the street to school.
  • The relevancy of the high school ghost ARABELLA which haunts the school auditorium
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