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the nazi movie, from earlier research, and how ELLE begins to leave a trail of false identities

Where were we

sat 31 Aug


What do you know he no lives there anymore. Listen, bitch. Would you be so kind as to leave him a message?!

That would mean BIER has to be in the dark about this shit. At least until the end when apparently must be happening around the time Ich tu dir weh plays. Of course, we don't come to that realization until Yellow Butterfly — and by then, we're already into figuring out why and why wtf, kick me in the head ten times sorta shit. Amnesia definitely.

Poor BIER blacked out the sexless relationship he had as an adolescent with his CIA girlfriend who was secretly moonlighting as an assassin for a radical fanatical religion called SLAYER.

Well this fanatical group were like 'kick me ten times in the head' sorta team. And, well, they had a queen. As it turns out, a popular escort service prostitute. And, this dude BIER falls in love with her; like he's jesus christ and his mixed up relationship with mary magdelin.

Everybody loved ELLE's tits. OMG, her tits were out of this world. What people didn't know and won't be finding out because it's my little secret to motivate me to write this screenplay that will never be made is ELLE is a lesbian. She loves the woman that she sent out to trap BIER into cheating on her because she was tired of his shit. Boring, nerdy BIER. All this time, he's in denial. In fact he doesn't find out until he finally gets a handle on what? COME ON. The what? The B-story. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the conflict BIER must overcome is realizing his deniability.

We won't try heavily to strike a great blow against the education system, but… it is what it is. The haunted high school possessed ELLE to try to kill BIER for his part in the holocaust. Being a Nazi Youth. And by that I do mean the offspring of war criminals conceived after the wwii ended. Don't ask me why. Gang initiaion. The bottom line, her friends, remember the one she never got over, convinced her into a very complex contract where she gets free cosmetic surgery and she chose boobs.

Any, somebody has to pay for those boobs. And she decides to join a gang of SLAYER followers who listen to banjo music all the time and prey on dick wads like BIER. Here we define dick wad as somebody who refuses to accept things for what they are. Of course, at the time, we don't see his backstory that somehow justifies it all. His cheating ways. Unloving, self-gratification. whatever.

So ELLE's out to kill BIER to pay off her sexy boobs and she can't wait to ride the easy train thru life with her lifetime warranty contract that will have her in tight plumpy banana tits boobs for life. How to kill a nerd

Fall in love with him
Let him melt into your cold heartless body, then squeeze the life out of him. That's how it's done.

She sets a plan to use her girlfriend to have sex with him under radical pretenses. That's what the note meant. "Sorry. My tortured heart." It was a contest between BIER or ELLE's girlfriend and the entire school was watching because that was ELLE's leverage. Her popularity. Having lost that contest was a blow to BIERS's ego like ten kicks to the head causing amnesia; yet again.

So, BIER didn't remember that he had a gf already when he cheated. But again, at the same time, BIER was being spied upon by his now CIA operative, doubling as a research assistant for journalistic contacts. If she could kill BIER, she could retire early. When she meets with his mother, it's like when MOLLY agrees to intercourse with him. ELLE succeeds to convince everybody that she was the victim, but in truth, it was her and her gf, and the ghost from the high school, that managed to dispatch BIER in a bloody death. A happy face death, as these two tortured him to no end.

Torture: the sequel
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