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SO, here I am trying to come up with a transitional phase in ELLE's life while simultaneously…

CONTINUED: ich tu dir weh gut <-- good Like, my gf dumped me. good. more for me than blah blah blah sorry, folks. I dunno the lyrics. If I could get some really cheap tix I'll go. Otherwise, no fucking way. man… the opportunities here that I have for mis-interpreting the lyrics to a song. heh-heb. funny. Anyhow, it's true that ELLE was/is a femme fatale, now that she's gotten her boobs. Maybe a bit of physical description is allowed? a confident strut. In a bashful way. I mean, when you're in a squad like she was, you're expected to have experience in shit. At that age. Yeah. What is she, 17? Yes, short, of course, snooky without the Italian. sorta guido-less snooky. A girl who was just starting to explore in shit. you know. sex. Not 666. just sex. But as it turns out it becomes about 666 and the world falls apart in heavymetal lifestyle. Loud obnoxious music. The preferred way to spend one's free time. background music of the PLAYLIST. YES!
  • New New York by The Cranberries
  • In-a-gadda-da-vida (cover by SLAYER),/li>
  • Uninvited (full extended mix) by Soft Cell
  • Attitude by Sepultura
  • Country Girl by Primal Scream
  • Tainted love
  • Where did our love go? by Soft Cell
  • Ich tu dir weh by Rammstein
  • Yellow Butterly by The Scorpions
  • Desire
* * / / And if i left any songs out, I'll come back to edit the list * * \ \
I need a drink

must be strangely exciting to watch the stoic. If the stoicism here was to be described like somebody who couldn't feel pain squirm; that would be rather sadistic. No?
violin solo
song ending

Sanscrit Indian chanting

Baby wants to hold Rico for Elysian… I'm losing my hair trying to figure out how to convey a woman's pov for the leverage she has over MC. In this case Bier, aka Bierde. Otherwise a Stone at heart.

YES. Eureka . Here it comes. In the beginning, a buzzing like a bee approaching. Mosquito. Fly. whatever. I love that. in cahoots with BIER'S sister; one of them at least. the plan is to shake the devil out of BIER as a high school experiment for science class that shows how nerds like BIER was back then, trying out for the football team. As if they'd play him in an actual game. you know the type. the kind of dude who tries to get cool quickie. A McLovin/Fogell from the movie Superbad. Mebbe her leverage is in knowing that she's a vampyre who will live forever and in one year she's that gal from the airport scene in the music video for COME ON EILENE. Now the only question is how? Oh how's work? well, to kill the monotony, I visualize graphic scenes where s.b. shoots me, or "make's my day" sorta thing. I dunno anymore if that's normal. So… just saying.
Okay, so ELLE's previous boyfriend — what some might interpret as Patrick Wayze, but in reality, that would be incorrect. becuz Baby was secretly getting laid with the watermelon boy. From the movie… DD The secret thing that nobody knows, becuz it's secret, not a single soul should know this but for the sake of "the story" she's pretty much getting laid by that guy, Robbie, Kellerman's nephew (the result of nepotism) — In fact, baby is seen arriving to acting camp dancing with the Mrs. Schumacher. QUESTION: what if I portray that as ELLE, the Femme Fatale, meeting her victims mother. That would be serious. Almost conspiratorial. Like wtf happened there. Why doesn't anybody tells me anything? That would for sure show ELLE's leverage as being a femme fatale. I like it. Let's go with it. At least for a little while
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