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The status quo of my weekend

By now I'm feeling somewhat self conscious about watching Dirty Dancing so many times. I made an outline for a segment for act two from a playlist of songs that I think will inspire me (to write). Having done this, one of the points on the list is conveying the Max Kellerman role as a parody of Harvey Weinstein's life; and by that I mean the disgusting way he bedded his women. I still don't know how I'm going to accomplish something like that and still maintain the ears of my readers.

Then there the issue of RAQUEL's breast size. Am I hearing innuendos in dialog from DD? I think yes. The problem is using dialog directly from the film in the screenplay I'm working on, which is too close to plagiarism for comfort for me. So, here's the plan. I'm going to jump back and forth from listening to the soundtrack playlist I've put together to the movie and use these muses as inspiration. In other words, the plot for the screenplay doesn't require that Max Kellerman was originally inspired by Harvey Weinstein when Dirty Dancing was filmed. The screenplay, or at least the sequences I'm putting together, is about Raquel's breast size and the way it transitions her into a Femme Fatale.

Here's a video of nothing relevant whatsoever. I've been trying to upload an .mp4 file to the video feature here on livejournal, but I continuously get an error message. I tried using Quicktime to export the .mp4 to .mov and uploading it that way, but nothing seems to work. I've been teaching myself to learn/memorize the fretboard on my guitar. So I recorded myself playing a blues scale and wanted to attach the sound bite to a video. My anxiousness to put the small project to bed then had me videoing my dog at the groomers. Anything. The soundbite is stupid and so I figured the video could also be dumb – just to be done with it.

However, the dog footage (from the groomers) was so lame, my gawd, I think I might've deliberately stumbled over my two left feet and sustained yet another small concussion from breaking my fall with my head. I must learn to be patient. So this past weekend I managed to find some time to see if the bike was still functional and ride it around town for a bit. I did a time lapse because, I dunno… I swear, next time I have to wear the silly camera on my helmet, I'm going to take video footage instead. Anyway, I managed to figure out how to put the time lapse short together and attach the soundbite of yours truly singing these lyrics: A cow-doggo eats grapes again. This, apparently, is the way I learn my fret board, and music theory, to memorize the notes in the A blues scale. A C D Db E G equals A Cow-Doggo Eats Grapes.
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