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Just changed the name of my community group, formerly Pilcrow_News, to tmtwngm

a symbolic acronym for The Movie That Will Never Get Made

I’m not procrastinating. I’m still trying to figure out why my writing community has no members. It irks me to think how much time and effort a community owner would need to devote on outreach. I see ljers posting in the add_me community claiming to have left lj at one point, no doubt when the invention of social media dominating the blogging community, but returning for multitudes of reasons I'm not going into right now.

What I will say in this shameless plug is this: I use to scour the web for anything and everything related to screenwriting. The two things I've gotten out that is a) most all 'screenwriting' posts everywhere is a version of a another inquiry posted earlier by a different person or AI, and b) the smart screenwriter will always post something as naively as they can force themselves to sound in an effort to obtain feedback and/or ideas from other unsuspecting screenwriter which they they incorporate into their own screenplay.

While my screenwriter friends have every right to be paranoid about posting their scenes/sequences publicly because of theft of intellectual property, this community I'm trying to develop is not about that and only utilizes ideas from contributing members responding to their original post. In other words, when I post a scene in the community, I allow for comments from my readers to critique or bash or contribute helpful ideas towards it.

Also, I understand what a pain in the neck it is to see a scene I've written in a completed production of a movie which contains no contributing reference to my hard work. That's why I don't do the outreach scene other communities devote their time in just to popularize their blog.

If I had any tips I could relay to other writers that would be beneficial to their career, it would be to ignore the business aspect of selling your screenplay and find a day job that allows for your creativity to flourish. A library, a bookstore, the possibilities are endless. This way, while your support yourself making ends meet, you write whatever pops into your head, not what the production company suggests. When I write, if I want to include a coke bottle in a scene, I could care less whether Coca Cola, inc. refuses to be affiliated in any way with my screenplay. As a matter of fact, I would rather my scenes be filmed from peoples/actors phones using Tick Tock or some other social media blogging utility, and what's more, the less law enforcement officers are connected to my movie, the better.

When you're finally tired of reading all of the how-to websites on screenwriting, or the meetup groups sharing treatments in a classroom setting all for the sake of obtaining constructive opinions, get yourself a livejournal account and add this community so you can share your scenes/sequences or completed screenplays with others from the luxury of your own home/office. It's what I'm going to do!

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